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CIS Books is a modified version of CIS Retail that is specifically customized to cater the needs of bookstore owners, publishers and distributors. Our click-based system ensures that running a bookstore is easy in your presence and even when you are not there while ensuring you to give the speed, flexibility and security your store operations need.
  • Multiple tracking and SearchWant to know whether you have a particular book or not? Wish to know other books by the same author or publisher available at your store? CIS Books comes with a powerful search capability and inventory management system that makes it easier for you to find within the thousands of books present in your bookstore.
  • Made by understanding your needsCIS Books is made while working closely with bookstore owners and distributors so that we can have an idea of the day-to-day operations and can give you a solution that can make running business easy. So whether it's different payment options, sending back unsold books back to publisher or knowing customers buying patterns; CIS Books helps you at every step.
  • Everything is well recordedNeed to issue a new purchase order? Wish to return some books back to publisher? Getting same book from multiple distributors? CIS Books has a powerful Note feature s every step of your operation so everything is well recorded for reporting purposes. It just takes a few clicks to generate reports of your inventory, accounts and point of sales on daily, monthly and even hourly sales report.

Salient Features:

  • User access levels
  • Complete secure system
  • Top Running books
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Multiple outlet option
  • Customer Profiles (CRM)
  • Cash hand over (shift mechanics)
  • Multiple cash receiving (cash/credit cards)
  • Real-time Reports (POS/Accounts/Inventory)
  • Comments option in order
  • Credit and partial payments
  • Promotions and Item discounts
  • Powerful search mechanics
  • Comprehensive product attributes


Product Master
Sales / Sales Return
Hold Bill Option
Item Discount
Bill Discount
Shift Management
Opening Cash
Hand Over
Multiple Reports
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Sales & Inventory
Physical Stock Audit
Purchase Order
Inventory Management
Purchase Summary
Item Ledger / Recipe
Goods Receiving Note
Supplier / Item wise GRN
Branch Transfers
+ All Features of Sales Module
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Sales, Inventory & Accounts
Account Ledger
Accounts Statement
Accounts Trial Balance
Voucher Printing
Profit & Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
MIS Reports
Customer and Supplier Ageing.
+ All Features of Sales & Inventory Module
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Why They Choose Us

We are using multiple products and services of CIS, including the flagship CIS POS. It is a complete solution for all our POS, Sales, Inventory and Accounting requirements.

The CIS management and team are highly cooperative and have the high level of experience & skill set to address our rapidly changing requirements which enable us to upgrade our product with the growth of Liberty Books.

Being a Super Market we always have challenges to meet the competition of market. Therefore, only a flexible Automation solution with backup support provide rapid updates as per our requirements. Using their product CIS RETAIL, we can comfortably claim that we made the right decision.