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5 Common Frustrations for Retailers after Implementing POS Software!

03 Apr

5 Common Frustrations for Retailers after Implementing POS Software!

Having issues after installing Retail accountancy software is not something unusual! You should not be worried or panic until your software provider gives you proper training and support services. This is the main difference that a retailer might feel from purchasing the POS solution from an experienced IT company in the industry than from newcomers. This does not means that new IT companies are not reliable, but their lack of experience and exposure in retail industry will require high patience and understanding from you side as you will be educating them the actual work complexities of your industry.

Let me explain you how it works! You need to teach the software about your customized operations and expectations while this is only possible with the help of the customer support service of the software company. An experienced IT company would have the understanding of the working standards of the retail industry and can understand your desired outcomes. Therefore, they will not only solve your software related problems but will also give you proper consultancy on using the software efficiently for getting your desired convenience and experience. Six of the most common frustrations that you as a retail store might experience after implementing or changing the Retail accountancy software and their reasons are:

  1. Need Of Recording Irrelevant Information

If you are using retail software for the first time, like other retailers you might get frustrated changing your developed habit and efficiency in manual accountancy. The retailers do get irritated in the first few days with the technology by recording all the information in the system that they use to either ignore or record manually. While the steps of bookkeeping also causes irritations because change is difficult at first for everyone!

  1. Inaccurate Reporting

Considering that the POS software you have deployed in your retail store is reliable, still there is a chance of inaccurate reporting. This is because of the issues in software implementation phase that might not let you add your data accurately and not generating the required reports. The other possible issue can be the lack of maturity of the deployed software making it difficult to handle your industry complex data. What is the solution? If your POS has supportive and flexible database that can be adjusted then all you need is to make your IT consultant understand the reports you require. And if not then your money and time is wasted. Therefore, it is suggested to either deal with an experienced IT software company or at least research on the database of the system in which you are thinking to invest.

  1. Issues In Making A New Habit In Your Work Routine

The usage of Retail POS Solution is not only limited to a particular task or project instead the workers are required to change their overall working procedures after its implementation. From attendance to customer details to training to target recording and all other related operations are required to be stored in the system. This immediate change in the working procedure can result in high frustration in the workers as some of them might struggle using it optimally. The best way to resolve this issue is by giving proper training of the deployed Retail POS solution to the employees until they become efficient enough to search and check customer details easily.

  1. Problem In Tracking The Data

Tracking the retail operations is one of the main reasons of implementing POS solution. One of the most common issues faced by the retailers is inaccurate analytics that negatively affects their business. These issues are caused because some of the POS solutions are not customized to handle sales, coupons and other daily discounts accurately. However, if you have specified these specified data recording to your IT consultant before signing-up then you might not go through this pain. But if you relied on standard POS recording  of data and it disappointed you this way then still you can contact the IT consultant that have deployed this software in your retail store to make relevant customization in the software.

  1. Maintenance Cost

The most common fear of the retailers is the increase in their costing after implementing Retail Accountancy Software. While majority of the retailers get frustrated because even after paying the onetime cost of the system, they are still asked to pay for any of their change request as per their operations. This is because most of the IT companies provide free support and adjustments in the software to a limited extent because their business model is to sell a ready-made POS system. Whereas, if you do not fix these complexities of the system in the initial stage then it will give no benefit to your business. The best way to avoid this frustration is to discuss your specific retail working standards in the initial interactions with the IT company-it will help you in making accurate budget for your required Retail Software. One suggestion: Do research and deploy the Retail POS Solution that is most compatible with your operations as it will reduce customization and overall maintenance cost.

  1. No Improvement In Sales

It is true that POS has become the most preferred solution for accountancy because of its positive impact on the sales. Considering this fact, most of the retailers get frustrated when they find no improvement in sales after implementing the software. You need to understand that POS is not a medicine that will be recovering your store financials just because you have implemented it. Basically, what POS do is it helps you mange and track all your operations along with your inventory and customer as well. Now for using the POS system as sales tool, you need a qualified and experienced manger that can use this information for analyzing store’s strengths and weaknesses as well as available opportunities and threats. Allignmnet of your marketing approach in consideration of this real-time data will help you in improving your finances. Therefore, if you as a retailer is experiencing same situation then don’t be frustrated, just fire your manager! Or you can always train them if they are up for it.

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