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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing POS

24 Aug
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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing POS

What is POS??

If you go online, you would find millions of descriptions regarding Point of sales systems which sometimes confuses the reader about what he was trying to find & what he got. In simple words, Point of Sales systems is the procedural software-based enhancement that helps in the transaction between a Customer and merchant when a product or object is purchased.  To make it more understandable or specific, the POS system is a mixed hardware/software facility that helps in a transaction between a customer and a merchant or CSO (Counter-service officer). POS is not a reserved type of facility it can be used by both the CSO and merchants as the only reserved condition to using it is, you must know how to operate the POS according to the optimization at the place as it has variety of applications and sometimes it is found to be used for different things at the same place and at the same time. The operators have to take care of the fact that the facility they are using should be used as per need or should not be used randomly. The most important thing to which usually people remain confused about is the mode of transaction to which POS would work, the answer to this question is, it used to work for both Credit/Debit Cards and cash provided upon request.


7 Common mistakes and how to avoid them!!!

Being a worldwide used payment facility, POS has many modes of operations, and it varies from the department by department, merchants/dealers used to evaluate the price of the object by virtue of weights, volume & quantity. The amount of to be pay by the customer is displayed on the screen, and the POS prepare an invoice which is the indication of a successful transaction for the things purchased. Usually, these days the indication or confirmation method for the prices of objects is managed through the barcodes at the back of any item, that helps in original identification of prices. As a merchandiser or retailer one should be aware of specific hazards while purchasing or implementing a Point of sale system for his/her retail store or franchise as in the long run if malfunctioned could be very fatal for the non-technical staff handling the stuff as your whole dealing, cash payments, your in-house payments to the vendors are also associated with it. So, make sure there shouldn’t be the following to be saved from future ambiguities.

1. Don’t move Without Proper Knowledge:

While setting up a POS system you should have to take care of the type of system you are acquiring. Should have proper referencing about the system being purchased and have some proper customer satisfaction results of how the product works, how the representation looks like? is it going to suit the way your business goes? Where it is being used currently. If you go without proper knowledge without knowing its basics it will end up in massive frustration with nothing going in your way. To have a good closer look at it, visit those places which are using this stuff and get complete know-how about the pros and cons of the product you are wising to install.

2. Fulfilling your needs:

Don’t go for fancy things from the outset, be mature enough of not getting infiltrated by the colors and representation of things that are not suitable to you because sometimes when a person is starting a business, he/she always focus on glitters and colors for attractive representation same is with POS, people use to fill colors to the most unwanted things which don’t require these, like having a good printed billing systems which do not support any platform moreover has no connection to some trusted treasury sites/banks or not linked with the administrative accounts . Which ended up being lost in the maze of card swipe fees, unwanted taxes, etc. be patient and choose a POS that has the proper linkage with peer accounts with reputable cashing services.


3. Having Non-Technical Staff:

This another big concern while having a well-balanced system, good ice-breaking setup but still if your staff is not cooperative/non-technical then it could be a mess uncleaned, as the owner of the systems you should organize some good training for your cashing staff for the POS settled as it would not only help in curating some good skills in the people you are working with but also motivate other people to be familiar to learn POS systems being used in domain.

4. Don’t Be a Money-Saver:

We often see advertisements for the purchasing of things in cheap prices or almost half of prices then actual normally companies developing low class POS’ s search for these opportunities so they may sell their non-trusted software in some prices as it would benefit them in the long run and the mangers use to buy them without searching or testing them for real. It should be avoided while setting up a good POS system for your business as it would have many adverse effects on your billing prospect.

5. Should be Backed up:

No matter how good your POS system is, Technological hazards can never be predicting. You must prepare a backup system for the accidental processing, as it would not only save you from devastation but also can help you in matching the standards of the companies using the same POS but in some other domains.

6.Securing your Investment:

POS systems use to work online as the Payments received will be moved to an online bank account from a trusted bank but what if falls to a prey for any intruder, it is damn risky as it would not only be hazardous for the sake of your company but for the customers making payments through their cards as their data can also be leaked. Secure your systems with some strong firewall guards so it may track each and every node of payments being made.

7. Don’t Go for a DIY Approach:

Having a Good POS System should not have a DIY Approach, by saying this, I mean it should not disturb the customer as he would want a happy go lucky solution to their payments. Don’t force them to do the signing stuff for all while paying from Cards or not telling them to bring fast cash as their systems can’t work on online payments or cards. It sometimes annoys your customers so much that they would not only leave using your products but also put you last in recommendations list.


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