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Best FBR POS Integration Software at Affordable Prices

Best FBR POS Integration Software at Affordable Prices

Best FBR POS Integration Software at Affordable Prices

All the retailers and wholesalers have to pay monthly tax returns to the federal board of revenue (FBR), Pakistan. What do retailers and wholesalers need to ease their tasks? What should they do to automate the tax calculation and reporting? CISePOS comes up with the solution to your problems with POS software with FBR Integration. 


Will FBR POS Integration Software make day-to-day accounting and tax calculations easy? Yes, it will make you automate your business with quick calculations and store all the tax reports in a database. 


If you are a Pakistani citizen and a registered business, you have to pay taxes to the Federal Board of Revenue every month. You need to file your monthly sales and tax report which is a time taking process. This is where POS with FBR integration provides easy-to-use software that generates invoices with tax. 


The calculated tax will be stored on a separate database for taxes only. You can generate reports and pay your taxes to FBR without spending long days and nights calculating your taxes manually.


Why is CIS your solution for FBR POS Integration Software?


CIS is the best and trusted solution to your business. POS software that will help your business with inventory management, sales management, customer reports and ease your accounting processes. This POS software integrated with FBR tax reports will provide ease and increase efficiency by saving time. 


Businesses need to calculate taxes on their revenue every month and doing it manually is a difficult and time taking task. This is why businesses should opt for a better solution that is FBR POS Integration Software which eases your task regularly.


3 Reasons Why your business needs FBR POS Integration Software


Do you have to calculate your sales manually on a register? Can you keep a track of your every sale? POS integrated with FBR makes tasks easy and provides an automated solution to your business. Businesses need a secure FBR integrated POS to protect their data and process with complete privacy. Moreover, a business needs a verified FBR POS. CISePOS brings you the best POS which ensures not only the safety and privacy of your data but also offers you verified FBR POS integration software.


With the increase in competition, what a business needs is automation and there are reasons why you should upgrade to FBR integrated POS;


Reporting Sales and Tax Made Easy


The biggest advantage is the easy-to-use method for reporting sales and tax. It saves a lot of time for managers. It lessens the paperwork and makes it beneficial for the business to operate with accurate reporting of tax to FBR. 


It also generates reports to analyze your paid taxes. Moreover, it allows retailers to apply different taxes implemented by FBR on different products. IT provides an advantage with time as it saves hours of hard work and allows you to invest your time in other business activities that will help it to grow.


Relationship of Honesty and Good-will with Customers


What earns the trust of customers? What helps you win their hearts and create a strong relationship? What helps you create a brand identity? 


To build a good relationship, a brand must provide its customers with honest and verified services. This is where CIS helps you by providing a verified FBR POS integration software that helps you in billing.


It provides you with unique QR codes by which customers can verify the registration of your business with FBR. This will help your business to gain the trust of your customers and create an honest relationship with them. Customers can verify the taxes using the Asaan Tax Application by FBR.

Make Your Business Credible and FBR approved

Registration to FBR makes you more credible and trusted. If you are a business just starting up, one of your first steps must be registered to FBR which will help you increase credibility.


There are multiple advantages for a business that is FBR-approved.

  • It helps businesses with bank procedures and easy loans when they have registered with FBR.
  • Finding clients becomes easy as you are more trusted. 
  • You can receive shipments and find new suppliers easily with FBR-approvedFBR POS integration Software.


Procedure for FBR Integrated Point of Sales Software

Firstly, you need to register your business with FBR

CISePOS makes it easy for you with FBR POS Integration Software at an affordable price of just 1000 PKR per month.


Contact our POS experts for FBR POS integration and take a demo now.

IT takes very little time to implement FBR integrated POS completely. So, book your POS now and ease your business burdens and tasks with CISePOS.


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