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Challenges Faced During The Change in Retail Management System & how to Overcome Them

10 Oct
Retail Challenges

Challenges Faced During The Change in Retail Management System & how to Overcome Them

Retail management system have become an integral part of all the retail businesses around the world. It is mainly a software/hardware-based system with access to all possible internet services. It helps in encashment and billing services. People use this utility in their payment methods to make it more accurate and easier to go. Previously retail management systems work the same way a Point of Sales (POS) system does but the newly introduced feature of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has given this utility a bit of an edge on POS system which Asset inventory details, accounts back up check, sales report etc. the following features can also be added to the present POS system but it may affect the way it operates & sometime may cause it to malfunction. So you may have to choose what is good for your business. For instance, if you are using it for running your utility/Departmental store then the best possible choice will be a Point of sales (POS) system which can provide you all possible options for encashment service but if you’re in merchandise kind of start-ups you must go for RMS as it will ease you with backed-up information regarding your stock, inventory supplies and also with account stuff as well.

If you look back at our previous blog topic, which was regarding the focus point during the purchase of the pos system. We openly discussed the critical point which users have to keep in mind while selecting any pos system according to their business needs. We also shed light on what sort of approach should the buyer have to take when buying pos steam and most importantly the choice between a conventional pos system or cloud-based pos system

Retail Management System & Its Challenges:

A retail market is a scary place these days. The competition is getting tougher and tougher these days with brands operating in the retail market can easily understand what is being stated here. One day you see yourself in prosperity and with all the possible outcomes are profitable, with all the financial indicators showing positives and with all the equities stable but suddenly you notice a paradigm shift in a short period of time, the positive aspects turned into a nightmare with everything went contrary to what you expected. The stock went short due to excessive sales. The inventory sync got disturbed due to unwanted plugin failures. The depositing ratio declined due to the unavailability of vendor services. Hence, there are multiple reasons which can let your retail business to further demise the one could be your RMS not meeting the demand of your growing business. In this article, we will look into the reasons why there is a need of changing the retail management system you are using what challenges do we face while making such a gallant move and how can we overcome them by simple methods.

Regular Supervision & Monitoring:

A complex problem that is found to be common practice while working with an RMS system is the workflow and cash monitoring. for this you have to be present to once the customer is done with the shopping and has to pay you for the purchase which is found to be limitation using an RMS system because it is a cash business someone has to be there just in case nothing goes wrong as cannot trust anybody with cash in hands which normally pushes the owners to change the RMS they are using . A Solution to this problem is making it online/automated, make your payment methods smart and effective, so this may not affect the customer relationship you have with them. Try to mobilize the way you work, so it may be easy to gain good customer reviews and applause.

Replacement Costs:

For instance, you have opted for a complete change in your RMS system, the biggest problem that arrives here is the replacement cost, you would really want an upgrade to this and back to back want to sell the old one in a reasonable price. This is a back and forth process, and it has drastic effects on your management if you don’t deal it with all precautionary measures. For example, you just completely removed your prior system and want to sell it, make sure to make it with complete documentation or otherwise you will continuously be disturbed by the buyer for the problems he would face without proper clarity now here comes the other part, the buying of a new one, now be very sure why you replaced the old working system moreover what upgrades do you want in the new one which can’t have in the prior, apparently people make a lot of mistakes while buying the upgraded one because it is a common reason behind their hastiness ad thy hurry because they want the new system installed as early as possible so their customers should not suffer. This approach should be prohibited because you must research before buying a new one why would you again waste your money on something you haven’t researched for, take your time to look closely at what suites your business the best.  Selecting something arbitrarily can solve your problem currently, but in the long run, what will you do if it again sticks on the same problem for which you have gone for the upgrade. So, for this, the immediate course of action should not have opted, and some deep thinking and researching is the best possible approach to have here.

Fixed Ratios on Profit:

One of the drawbacks in Retail markets are the fixed profits on merchandise being sold by you. It is common practice that whenever you sold something to your customers directly, there is a less margin of profit; moreover, the pass and parcel of this industry are the new competitors, they are arriving every day in increasing numbers, which adds to the fear of getting losses handed over. The fixed ratio on prices has been a common practice in retail management systems it has somehow benefitted the retailer but most of the time has handed heavy losses to them a solution to this opposition is a variety of dealing with RMS you have for example, you can increase the price of the product with offering a limited time offer on providing products for free like if someone is buying a pack of 12 dishes with increased price you can give a pair of glass as bundle offer with getting something for free will also not bother the buyer to pay 3-5$ extra in the purchase.

Product Selection:

While choosing a retail management system you must be aware of how to manage the product you are selling because apart from using POS, an RMS system always shows peculiarities over things that are to be feed in its repository because most of the systems are not designed according to the products been sold or addressed for example you’re an apparel merchandiser and the RMS you bought is solely being used in biscuits manufacturing companies and designed for the sole purpose of keeping the inventory checkups of raw material being used in the manufacturing of biscuits then you have done a heavy bargain of not studying the product before buying and it will cost you hundreds of dollars with no guarantee of getting the money you invested so instead of this hustle, just study the merchandise you are selling then order for an RMs suitable to your needs . It will save you from getting frustrated, and your time will also save your time as well.

Inhouse Connectivity Issues:

The internet connectivity issue is not as big and considerable like others mentioned above, but it should be considered as sometimes the syncing went off and that had made some significant workflow problems in the recent days as one incident happened at Essex retail market place in New York City, where a client bought numerous items for his newly gifted house in the local county when he was about to pay the RMS paying plugin failed as the network hosting

The facility is purchased somewhere from Staten Island & for that, maintenance personals were working previously on it, but it went in vain. The person filed a complaint against the retail services, and they got to replace the RMS with a money-back statement from the vendor because they have suffered a great loss in money and in their reputation in the market as well.  A possible solution to this problem would be just to save yourself from embarrassment is to have a local facility for the network/IT substitution, so they reach early and perform their troubleshooting stuff, possibly to the latest of deadlines. It may be extra work for the owner to find a locally-based facility, but just to foster your business you must take these risks.


Utilities like the Retail management system (RMS) are for the ease and betterment of the business personals. there should be proper documentation, study, and research before setting up these systems within your vicinity and proper management along with reports which should be maintained with activities check-up under high priority. Some training sessions should also be organized for the administrative staff just in order to make things go streamlined and operations to be smooth so a healthy working environment can prevail with people helping each other out in problems on a daily basis.


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