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Decision-Time: Is Tally ERP 9 Ideal for Your Business or NOT?

Tally is one of the most prominent names in the world of Inventory and accounting management. And it’s a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System with an excellent grip on accounting features, which makes it an important part of a well-established organization.

It is an elaborated ERP solution that goes far beyond the basic functionalities of accounts and finance. It encircles every crucial aspect of business operation, including manufacturing, payroll, inventory, banking, taxation, and others.

Tally is the quintessential fit for any organization, no matter if it’s just a promising new start or a high-flying business giant; it will suit each of them perfectly.

Tally ERP is highly considered as the best business management solution, just because it is easy to get operated and used at high speeds, highly flexible and versatile, robust and powerful, has no codes with fool-proof online help, and executes in real time. Furthermore, the software is easy to get customized and thus suitable to perform a diversity of business functions prominently. Tally software is the simplest yet very powerful solution that helps its users to reach business goals in an advanced way.

Figure out advantages and disadvantages of accounting software

Tally, reliable accounting software is most likely to reward many businesses with successful management. But despite that, as everything has positives and negatives; this software also has some highs and lows. Here, today, we are going to feature both, the pros and cons of having a Tally ERP 9 to help you in taking the best decision.

Without further ado, let’s explore the ups and downs of Tally ERP 9.

Advantages of Tally ERP

Tally has a great number of advantages. The software can do multiple tasks magnificently. Scroll down to look out the positive aspects of Tally software.

Enables effortless data movements

The foremost benefit of this accounting software is: when the data is entered using the Tally application; it directly gets updated throughout the programs.

For instance: If an employee makes entries in stock, the data will directly be updated to every department and to management level as well. Most importantly, the employers can conveniently view the updated data files on their software terminal to stay aware regarding the ups and downs of their business. And as a result, employees don’t need to move the data files from one department to another. Every single data entry will happen automatically at the main database or on the main server.

Great speed and reliability

Even, if you have a low configured system, the software can still run very fast. More than 70% of small businesses use Tally, which proves high quality and reliability.

Complete Business Support

Plenty of powerful features of Tally makes it a very strong choice when it comes to picking the software for supporting business organizations. The much dynamic reports and MIS of Tally can give you a detailed and clear view of each aspect of your business.

On the other hand, you can have all the rights to control the data synchronization and multilingual features of this high-powered software. The best part is that all these operations don’t ask you to have much expertise to handle the software; instead, users can easily get reports as per their requirement without getting stuck into the complexities.

Can manage accounting, inventory & compliance in Tally

As we mentioned above, Tally is not just accounting software that does number addition, multiplication, or any other simple accounts task, but much more than that. While using Tally, you can rely on managing taxation i.e. GST in Tally along with the basic accounting that most of the people do while maintaining inventory or stock, and etc.

In this way, you can save time as you do not need to go through 3 different software, but only one where everything is interconnected.

Tally.ERP 9 is GST ready

Tally.ERP 9 is fully integrated with all the features that are needed to create, file, and print the GST returns. You can effortlessly create GST invoices in Tally and GST returns can also be created in Tally for users’ convenience.

Tally is simple to use & easy to learn

Tally is very easy to learn and simple to use. Even if you know the basics of accounting, it’s just a matter of days for you to learn this software. By knowing and remembering just a few shortcuts in Tally, you can operate entire software using the keyboard.

Tally works remotely

Keeping eye on business operations remotely is definitely one of the biggest advantages any organization can have. And with Tally software, you can avail this advantage without doing any efforts as it works in a very seamless way remotely.

Multiple users at multiple times can indisputably login into the same Tally while creating different entries at the same time. Even, with a load of users, Tally won’t budge or crash and everything will work smoothly.

For instance: if you have a number of branches that are on different locations, all employees of each branch can be easily assigned with different usernames in Tally.  Employers can also control employees’ access to business data. This security will allow users to only see what is allowed to them by the upper management. This is one of the greatest security features in Tally.

However, these are some of the most important advantages of Tally. Now, scroll down to look at some of the disadvantages this software owns.

Disadvantages of Tally ERP software

Not many, but a number of issues or disadvantages are worth considering when you are looking for a Tally software for your business.

Here you go!

  • Price factor – The purchasing amount of Tally is relatively small in relation to your other costs, but it’s expensive than a paper-based system
  • Implementation – As you have been used to of managing manual accounts, so they are generally easier to set up and can be more flexible than computerized accounting. But, when it comes to computerized accounting or Tally, you can keep business operations and finances managed and up-to-date in a more competent way.  However, you will probably need some initial help while setting up the software and training to use it properly. Your system provider will usually charge for this service
  • Support service – You will be needed to purchase yearly support and maintenance for your package
  • Specialized needs – Tally ERP 9 typically suits most types of businesses. Nevertheless, some businesses may need to change their processes or refine the package to keep their operations running flawlessly. The software providers can also help you get the best software to meet your business needs entirely, as CIS Software House does. So, do prefer their recommendations.

Do I need to use accounting software?

It completely depends on the nature of your business. Not all businesses must need Tally software to run dynamically, it’s more about how complicated your finances, accounting, and other business operations are.

However, now or then, you will be in need of a magnificent Tally system when growing your business. Accounts and finance are the unavoidable sectors of an organization, thus, you must need some software that can make life easier. But still, it’s your call to choose the manual over Tally or stay stick to the paper and pen accounts.

New or small businesses are most likely to use manual accounts until their accounting needs become more complex. And when you start growing bigger, the need for having an advanced accounting and other financial management systems will increase, this is the time when you will have to shift to the Tally ERP 9. But before going for any software, consider your accounting needs carefully and then decide which accounting system would suit your business.

Note: You can go through our huge list of solutions and pick the perfect one to streamline your business operation as never before.

What is the core difference between Tally and QuickBooks?

The core difference is that Tally works on a principle of accounting entries while QuickBooks doesn’t.

Why should you buy Tally Solution from Us?

There are a few reasons for that. We are MTP (Master Tally Partner) since 2005 and the official reseller of Tally. We stay keen to provide the upgraded version of this ultimate software by providing detailed demo and training, so you can take full advantage of Tally ERP.

Whether you are having issues in your organization or elsewhere, our team will be there to serve you with best of the best maintenance services, Tally ERP implementation, or any other assistance. On contrary, we also believe in providing the greater value for your money offering best business solution and services all around the world.

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