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Food Trucks – A New Trend in the Restaurant Industry

29 Mar
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Food Trucks – A New Trend in the Restaurant Industry

Food trucks are the new attraction of foodies because it reminds them of their childhood. It’s when they not only used to get excited but the fun they had while collecting money and enjoying meals with the whole group of friends is bringing food truck back in trend. If you understand the psyche of the people, the food they bought from trucks and carts in their childhood was affordable and gave them a memorable expense. If you want your food truck to succeed then don’t forget these expectations of people.

However, these food trucks also offer the advantage of low investment and ease of entering in the restaurant industry to the entrants- makes it easy for them to compete with big fancy restaurants in the market and gain profits to some extent. Generating profits while offering affordable food with exceptional quality and experience is a tricky business. This has made it important for the food truck to invest in a good POS system that can help it in tracking all the activities and for managing the profits. Now, what is the definition of good POS for a food truck?

Basically, you’ll need a restaurant POS with some of the essential features in order to make it good for your food truck business. What are these features? Apart from sales, accounts and inventory management, the good POS solution for FOOD truck should also be offering:

  • Improved Management of Accepting and Recording Multiple Payment Types

If you are unable to accept any other form of payment other than cash, then you are in big trouble, my friend! Keeping cash is old fashioned while the majority of the people prefer paying through debit/credit card, online and etc. If you reject accepting different forms of payment, you will lose a potential customer as they will rush towards traditional restaurants.

And if you are managing separate journals for each of the payment type or your system is not able to streamline all these payment types under sales and accounts management, then you will remain inefficient. If you remain occupied with recording your payments then how will you serve your hungry customer? Therefore, it is extremely important that your POS solution is capable of accepting different types of payments and records it accordingly without requiring your manual efforts.

Most importantly, your restaurant computer software should not be merely dependent on the internet (WiFi) because maintaining internet stability could be difficult. And if this cause of you a customer then how will you make profits? Remember! Every customer is important for you and demands good quality food, high efficiency and exceptional experience from you.

  • Order tickets for Cooks

It is difficult for the receptionist on the truck to leave his or her place and go again and again to the kitchen for communicating the order details to the cook. And what if the customer makes any changes in the order right after you forward it to the cook? Will you go back and repeat the whole process? What about the next hungry customer? Do you think he or she will prefer coming back to you than to go to a restaurant and get their order served by the waiters?

One solution for resolving all these issues is to have order ticketing feature in your restaurant POS that will be directly notifying the cook about the orders in their systems. Along with making the operations quick and easy, this feature will also assure to deliver the exact customized food as ordered.

  • Handling several orders simultaneously

Your restaurant POS should not have limited order recording instead it should be processing multiple orders at once. But how will it make you efficient? For example, two of the customers ordered fries and you precede both of the orders quickly to the cook. It will make it easy and less time-consuming process for the cook to prepare both of the orders together.

Therefore, don’t let your hungry customers wait in lines and give them a chance of changing their mind!

  • Splitting Orders or Using Different Sources to Pay

Why food trucks are not compared with traditional restaurants or eating spots? Do you know why people love their open environment and do not demand air-conditioned and well-maintained atmosphere? This is because they like the informal and easy eating experience. That is why you have to consider a fact that you will be meeting the number of customers that will be little out of cash. In this case, a good Food truck POS solution allows the customers to split a side of fries and enjoy the meal with their limited budget.

The other scenario that you might experience is when a customer asks you to accept payment from the different method for the one order he made. Providing this level of convenience is the only way to survive in the market! So, you have to ensure that your food truck has restaurant computer software that accepts the payment of a single order from different vendors.

  • Manage all the operations in the limited available space of food truck

Operating in a truck is already a challenge, therefore; you should be choosing space saving POS system without compromising on any of the important and standard features. But how? Rather than filling your customers counter with wires, printer or any other peripheral; you should be investing on all-in-one POS system that has integrated hardware.

Having these features in your food truck POS will surely help you in providing the expected experience to customers. Have you analyzed that the restriction of hiring limited staff due to space can be effectively overcome by a good POS? Therefore, making the right investment in POS can save your million dollars and can give the most exceptional experience to your customer. But don’t forget, food is the primary attraction of customers and you cannot risk the quality of your food. Because even a good POS cannot help you sustain if your food quality is not up to your customer’s expectations.


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