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The Importance of Human Resource Management Software in an Organization

12 Oct
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The Importance of Human Resource Management Software in an Organization

The HRM System is the function of an organization which entirely concentrates on the process of recruiting¸ managing and directing people who work in the organization. The HR Solution mainly deals with issues that are related to performance management, safety, compensation, benefits, training, wellness, and others. It is a critical process which requires a lot of data management, record and analysis for the smooth workflow.

The Human Resource Management Software features and modules have the power to keep business grow efficiently.

To elaborate on the importance of HR Management Solution, we are going to feature functions and benefits businesses can have used the software.

Functions of HRM & Staffing Software

Arguably, every single business or organization is made of people and HRM is all about acquiring the services of people, developing and polishing employees’ skills, and managing their activities to the foremost level in order to understand their commitment towards the organization.

An efficiently designed Human Resource department can facilitate organizations with the structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing the company’s valuable resources i.e. employees.

HRM software has a number of functions to assist the organizations with effective & efficient workflow:

Data Management

Once you have HRM software, you will not need to struggle with the spreadsheets and documents; instead, you will be able to manage your employee’s data in one place. The software will allow you to create a centralized employee database that can be easily accessible by the HR department to retrieve the information any time for the various purposes.

Leave Management & Record

You can configure and set leave policies within HRM software, the solution is completely customizable as per individual company’s norms. However, there is no complication of creating leave rules and managing leave balance on excel sheets and comparing it with attendance sheet at the end of every month. In this way, you can save much time that usually gets wasted in tracking paper-based leave applications. All the tasks can be done in a hustle free manner when you start using HRM software.

Time & Attendance Record

HRM software helps businesses to manage time, create shift roaster manually, and monitor real-time attendance on a daily basis. It’s a fact that manual attendance processing lacks tracking of employees presents\absents and also makes it difficult to keep a tab on their actual working hours. However, HR Management Software provides a platform to update attendance on a daily basis without putting time and efforts.

Organization Hierarchy

Organization hierarchy represents the structure of an organization, which is based on employee reporting flow that is formed inevitably.

Using the HRM Solution, all reporting managers can access the hierarchy of their team only. Whereas, the authorized can only view their seniors up to the level if it is defined by the HR.

Payroll Management

An easy and useful mechanism of HRM Software is to manage payroll without wasting hours. It is very flexible and user-friendly solution that is designed to satisfy all payroll needs of an organization. Not only current salaries of employees, but the software also deals with salary increments after approval of all these activities.

Taxation computation & Investment Record

To calculate income tax based on the latest standards & investment declaration by employees is one of the much difficult tasks to deal with. TDS calculation with a large number of sub-clauses and clauses must be completed accurately. And HRM software handles all these complexities efficiently, you will only be required doing little changes & monitoring every month during payroll processing. It eases the trouble of your HR department & let your organization save hectic working hours on this process.

10 Reasons to Choose CIS-HRMS

  • CIS-HRMS Software for the peace of mind, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence
  • A system that is easiest to deal with, you can use it from day one
  • Tax submissions and returns made quick and simple
  • Automated updates ensure that you always process on the latest software and legislative version
  • Automated Payroll & HR solutions to protect your cash flow and bank balance
  • A support that’s with you in every step of the way. If you get stuck, we’re just a phone call away
  • A payroll package that’s used by more than 50,000 businesses around the world
  • Smooth GL integration with CIS Accounting
  • Your payroll data is always safe and secure
  • You can trust us. We’ve been in the industry from more than 30 years

CIS-HRMS Life Cycle

User-Friendly Interface:

The easy to understand and use interface allows users to open multi screens to perform multiple functions\tasks.

The shortcut keys and buttons to have fast and easy access to commonly used screens and reports will save you valuable time and energy.


For perfect business analysis and future planning, CIS-HRMS powerful reports play a vital role. More than 170 reports can easily be generated using the software. In addition, there is also an option to generate standard letters.

Precautions & In-House Power:

A built-in group level security module can ideally record and maintain user-level security and gives a complete audit trail to monitor the activities of authorized users.

Users can be conveniently classified into user groups (based on location, division, department, employee type, etc.), and they may also access data as authorized to their respective user group.


CIS-HRMS is designed to cater to each industry requirements entirely. The system provides flexible setup and reporting for the better understanding of business growth. An unlimited number of employees can also be defined and categorized by division, department, location, and etc.


HRM Software helps businesses to control the activities of employees. The software can save organizations’ time as its user-friendly interface helps the HR department greatly in maintaining core business objectives as well as daily activities.  So, it’s surely a smart move to pick the intelligent HRM Software. And if you have a large-scale business than picking the ultimate ERP Software cab to be the best possible plan as CIS-HRMS is available with our core ERP.

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