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How POS Systems Evolved in The Recent Years

25 Nov

How POS Systems Evolved in The Recent Years

The Point of sales system (POS) has really been a great blessing to any kind of business, no matter how big or small it is. it is helping people all around the world in managing their financial setups and the day to day issues they face in the billing and inventory management as well, the point of sales systems (POS) were a bit different when the first businesses were set up in the early B.C century where people used to buy things with the exchange of various goods, so gradually as the time passed it give rise for the need of a better system through which people can easily do the calculations and which can help them in their other needs.

The point of sales systems (POS) have come a long way since its inception no matter how hard it was initially to manage each and everything in a business since the first calculator name Pascaline to the very first point of sales (POS) system arthrometer was designed, it was a bit difficult to manage each and every stuff but, time changes as once a great poet said: “ God made man, manmade town and town gradually took up Cities”.This expression does tell us about the evolution of the things that were developed in recent years, or we should say centuries in this world, the same is with the point of sales systems (POS) we are now using these days.

In our previous blog, we thoroughly put light on how ERP has become an intelligent business strategy in this era and what are the significant advantages if your adopt era in your business because if we closely analysis ERP it provide better work proficiency and also it also helps in making business management very easy.

Point of Sales (POS) Systems Evolution:

As technology continues to grow, the point of sales (POS) systems have grown from being an ordinary cash copying register to a heavily developed system. Its users and subscribers are now ranging from franchise-based businesses, restaurants, hospitals, post offices else. You can name it anywhere the point of sales (POS) systems are being used everywhere. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of point of sale (POS) systems through the years.

The First Phase:

The very first point of sales (POS) system was designed in the 17th century with the very basic features of add, subtract, divide and multiply. With further improvements in the device, it was able to do the roots of number these systems were largely in demand in the European and American States and different people have contributed a lot in its betterment and improvement. The very first phase of these type of point of sale (POS) systems, was seen in 1800 when the very first cash register was put into operation by the name of “incorruptible cash device.” which paved the way for the people to come and contribute more to the development of such trade inventions.

With the latest technologies coming, over the edge over and over again, engineers, mathematicians worked together to formulate and device such a machine that can do the manipulation and calculation stuff automatically, in the early 70s, the very first computer-based cash register was made by IBM, these systems were only shell likes, which were connected to a mainframe computer. Although these devices were the first to provide screen-based systems for cash and encashment services.

The Second Phase:

In the nineties, technological advancement has paved the way for the creation of standalone credit card machines and retail systems. This was the time when the first point of sales (POS) software was developed, which was later named as IT retail. These devices were able to run as a standalone system, and this was the time when touchscreen-based us devices were first introduced, and dentin Ohio evil 2 calculate and minimize the bills and calculation entered into it. By the end of the millennials, the POS system developed was smart and credible enough to keep the record of the things sold, daily sales report and other stuff.

With the start of the new millennium, the point of sales (POS) systems have also evolved a lot with highly sophisticated, revolutionize, powerful, and easy to use systems. Technological advancement has really made life easier for many people that were using point of sale systems installed at leading shopping malls, franchises, hotels, and restaurants. It was a common trend, especially in America, where people call themselves the leading technologists, most probably because of their native companies,i.e. Macintosh, IBM still there was a large space to be filled with making these things go online and to make it more visible and accurate.

The Third Phase: Current Scenario

The modern POS system has evolved to newer heights; most of the operations are now being operated and controlled via the cloud. Now here begs the question what a cloud-based POS system looks like? is it going to be the same hardware-software based utility which helps people for the common and repeatable way of paying bills in whatever they buy or whatever they purchase? From any utility or retail market near to them. Let me answer this question by saying this it is something that you have never seen before. As and by saying this I mean a cloud-based POS system is the best possible encashment utility possible in the current world scenario. People all around the world are getting benefited by this great advancement in payment methods.

A cloud-based POS system not only serves as the central repository for all the cash flow in your business, but it also makes sure that the inventory balance remains equivalent to the demand of your customers. A cloud-based POS, is not only the way forward in the field of retail businesses but it also opens doors for many  dimensions of study and practice, by using a cloud-based POS system, you can have multiple options in front of you which can help you in managing your business and to keep an eye on all the activities that take place in front of you, which includes reports regarding the number of goods sold, the inventory balance, the trends and offers common in the market, staff rotation, etc.

Point of Sales (POS) Systems Evolution in Pakistan:

The point of sale (POS) systems in Pakistan is not that much spread up. When I say not spread up, I mean they are not very much being used in the local market. Although in the major cities of Pakistan, which includes Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, etc. are the places where the modern POS systems and the conventional POS systems, both are being used with complete facilitation and with the guarantee of ease of access and great customer support.

Although cities do consist of some areas where people follow the same primitive method of cash book writing and cash registry records, which according to them is the safest way of keeping sales data. which is, in reality, the most easily corruptible, editable, and plagiarized form of data. One of the Chief reasons why people are unable to deploy those highly developed or moderately developed POS systems is, the lack of knowledge and resources which are found to be e in a great deal at the urban point of a country, on the contrary, they are rare to the people of the rural areas of Pakistan which is a very serious issue in order to revive retail market in these remote areas.

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