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Pros & Cons of Online Food Delivery Services

14 Oct

Pros & Cons of Online Food Delivery Services

In this digital age, where people have no extra time to spend even for food, or they are not even free to grab food items from a few steps walk just by the sense they will get apprehended for wasting time on unnecessary things. So, what could be the solution to this problem??? The answer to comprehend these issues are Online food delivery services. the most in-thing in today’s digital marketing setup as this prospect has given rise to many entrepreneurial start-ups, people are earning thousands of dollars by using this valuable tool provided by almighty world wide web access from your couch to the corporate office environment. The food delivery system dates back to the time when even Ireland was the part of Great Britain 1922, just to jog your memory a bit of some pre-historic resembles is required here. But the very first recorded food delivery in this digital age came up with the rise of internet in January 1994 when launches their very first online service with accepting their very first online order of a Pepperoni Pizza with extra mushroom & Cheese from North Carolina, United States of America since then it has been a never-ending process of buying and ordering things in the so-called technological age. By this date in 2019, China, USA, India, UK & Germany are the leading online retail industries in the world with Chinese leading the chart with whooping 13.7 Billion $ of income from their online retail & purchase market.


In our previous blogs, we have tried to cover how customer experience can be made better if you select the right pos system according to your business needs and we discussed briefly how food truck is the revolution for the restaurant industry. We have also shared the knowledge with the new blog topic in which we are trying to educate the retailors for what sort of focus point they should keep in mind while purchasing the pos system and the benefits of restaurant accounting software for better inventory management. If we use precisely the right pos system with your food delivery system, it will open the new horizon for the business.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Food Services:

With almost the whole web is filled with online services but explicitly talking about food delivery services the most ordered thing all around the globe are the Fast food items and oriental dishes as according to a survey I found on it states that these items take them less time to get prepared and delivered. You may know the fact that good and bad are the pass and parcel of each other if there are numerous advantages of having these things at your doorsteps rather than going by yourself so there are some disadvantages, and we should say conditions as well where one would have thought it would be better if he/she would have gone because their experience with this online thingy turned out as a disaster plus the time wasted on waiting as well. Here we will discuss some pros and cons of how this thing is a blessing for many but disaster for some as well.

Pro: Ease of Access:

With online deliverables, there is a big advantage of variety for choosing the channel for ordering for example, almost all food chains in NYC offers online delivery options with so much in their menus which includes Veggie Delights, Fast food, cakes, Slushes & more and you can just make your order by tapping and selecting from your mobile screen and wait for your order to arrive.

Con: Late Deliveries:

With food ordered online some time it takes a lot of time to deliver to the required place as it depends upon the distance from which it is ordered, as a matter of fact this technological ease has made the current generation a bit complaisant, while ordering something online it should be kept in mind that the food should be ordered from the nearest possible outlet so it may reach you in few minutes or else you got to wait long for the delivery. So, it’s better to be smart enough to order properly by deciding the area rather than reaching unknowingly and then keep on waiting.

Pro: Exploration of new places:

A significant advantage of ordering food online is the exploration of new places, so you may have multiple choices to choose amongst the restaurants. Why it is considered important because people are always very reluctant to choose amongst the menus and moreover if they find it confusing they will leave this idea and will go for the visiting method, with variety of options available there is an excellent option of not only having the desired items at doorsteps, but it also gives an opportunity for exploration of new things within reach.

Con: Price Differences:

Well it is not a big problem as far as the delivery thing is concerned, but yes, the price does differ while ordering some services are found to be free of cost, but some restaurants use to charge extra money for delivery of food at your place. This price ranges from 3-15$ depending upon from how far you are being served moreover it is also observed that there is some unusual rise in prices of the online available food items this may be due to the inclusion of taxes but all in all it is considered as a change and indirectly as a disadvantage.

Pro: A Good Business:

For instance, you are running an online food delivery service where you have to collect food from different places, if your business is good, i.e. your delivery system is efficient then it could be a profitable business for you because more people will consider you to deliver food at their can be more useful during the peak office lunch hours and also during the weekends where people are staying at home laying on their couch enjoying Netflix and chilling’ there craving will become reason to your opportunity.

Con: Social Interaction:

Having lunch/dinner in a restaurant is quite a fascinating stuff, the ambiance, the social interaction and the experience of all these things rejuvenates the hunger in you but sitting in your couch and ordering food is a comforting but complacent approach back to back where people would not enjoy the benefits of reaching out to other places and enjoying the delights of the social interaction with different environment.

Pro: Discounted Deals:

It’s a common practice now that if you want to increase your business in a good competitive market, you must find a unique strategy to counter your opponents? Specially serving in a food industry it is a very difficult task to create good gauge with your trusted costumers the best way to do this is by offering good discounted deals or we should say packaged deals, people always love to see their money being saved without any hustle moreover they are being served with a mouthwatering meal this has been one of the critical reasons for the success of online delivery services that there is always some discount on food items which people love the most.

Con: Quality of food:

This is one of the few reasons which has made people reluctant to order food online, sometimes it happens when food is found to be of low standards then shown or said about. People often go berserk over this, and they flood your customer’s feedback page with all the possible words which you don’t want to listen about your brand. For example, last year in Alberta, Canada there was a case recorded on swiggy, a famous online food delivery platform that a person asks for a pack of 6 chicken wings and the food was not of good quality, that customer went mad at it and filed a complaint against the provider, this scenario ended up on the franchisee paying a sum of 5000$ as penalty to swiggy for denting their reputation.

Pro: Cashing Facility:

One crazy feature of online food delivery setups is the encashment facility it means you can pay your bill on your doorstep with the most convenient manner you may get the benefit of discounts as well or sometimes they delivery from the riding facility is also provided to the consumers which are an icing on cake for the people who frequently order it is a win-win situation for both consumer and the provider. As a consumer, you are being catered by the most delicious deals and with the prettiest offers, and as a service provider, you’re sitting on the golden haystack because you have the attention of all foodies and food-a-holic in town. Some restaurants have also started the online payment solutions for the costumers which really has made life easier for the payers.

Con: Health Issues:

Eating food outside always rings a snooze in your mind that, are the ingredients used fresh? Are the chicken wings I’m eating were properly cleansed? Are the veggies in my pasta adequately washed? This kind of questions often came into our minds while eating or ordering food from outside, and that’s completely normal, this could happen to anyone as it would be a sorry case if the food you ordered is found to be made of frozen material or some backdated items. This is one significant hazard of having it online because it will directly affect your health which results in some bad medical conditions which can make you go for some medication or you could be seeing a doctor after having such food.

Online Food Delivery system in Pakistan:

Pakistan, the 6th most populated country in the world is also amongst the most online food items consuming countries (13th, just behind Bulgaria) is also in the race of digitizing everything possible from meal preparations to meal delivery and payments as well. According to a survey by, from the last three years, the online food delivery system has seen a boost of 300% in their businesses as the people in Pakistan have broken the shekels and promoting this affective way of getting eatables from the most popular and trusted providers in the vicinity. Initially the more prominent names in the country started the vision of food delivery in Pakistan which includes McDonalds & KFC the communications were carried via phones it dates back to the time when we don’t have the facility of Wi-Fi & smartphones this was a very painful process for the deliverer and the customer as if he lost the way to your house then it would take hours n hours for him to reach your place which not only frustrate you but also the delivery guy this was the reason why the facility was not that much opted by the people as if now people are reluctant to order online as it will take long hours to reach to your place but now the weather is changing, the winds have started blowing from the positive ends, a big thanks to the Information technology boom which gave rise to IT entrepreneurs and the developers who have created some very amazing, self-assistive apps on Android and Macintosh (Apple Products) Platform so the people can enjoy delicious food from each and every corner of the city.

Some top-rated food delivery Apps in Pakistan are:

  • Foodpanda
  • Foodie
  • EatOye
  • Supermeal
  • SavYour
  • Cheetah
  • Bogo

These applications are available in almost all the major cities in Pakistan. The operational center for most of these apps is in Karachi and Lahore. This is the reason why domestic customers receive many offers from the people living near the vicinity.


Internationally, the online food delivery services have proved to be a source of employment for many people around the world from Chefs, Booking managers, Costumer care representatives (CSR) and even the delivery personals as well. With new advancements, new opportunities are easy to create with the most possible and efficient ways. People are benefiting from these services, and those who have used this tool as a business perspective are now earning to an extent which they have never thought of you can take the example of Zomato, an online delivery service started in 2008 by an Indian Entrepreneur from a single room apartment is now one of the leading online food delivery services in the world raising a mammoth 150 million $ just in 2018. Speaking of global leadership in online food services here are some best online food deliverables in the world:

  • Zomato
  • Uber Eats
  • Foodpanda
  • Swiggy
  • GrubHub
  • Deliveroo
  • DoorDash
  • JustEat
  • Postmates

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