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Smarter Food Outlets With Cloud Restaurant Billing Software

Smarter Food Outlets With Cloud Restaurant Billing Software

Smarter Food Outlets With Cloud Restaurant Billing Software


If you’re an owner of a chain of restaurants or even if you own a restaurant in which you want to grow more and turn into a chain, you need a process that automates your business and lets you run the system in full flow. 


Restaurant billing software is a kind of POS software that helps the managers and owners to run their restaurants more efficiently and it increases productivity. Globalization in this modern world requires the automation of businesses with the help of software that eases the data management process. 


CIS ePOS comes up with the idea of increasing efficiency by minimizing time and maximizing the ROI with the help of a methodic and well-structured restaurant billing software.


Why Do Restaurants Need Restaurant Billing And Management Software?


Restaurant billing software helps the business to ease the process of billing operations and save time from manual billing and calculations. Apart from the billing software, POS provides restaurants with an easy solution to manage all the operations. Restaurant Point of Sales software helps in managing inventory, menu, order tracking, automating all the reports, and managing customers’ and employees’ data. 


This software not only eases the burden of the owners in managing the restaurants but also satisfies customers with fast services.

Restaurant billing and management software allows online order management and also allows the customers to reserve their tables beforehand to have a great experience.


What Is Kot And Billing Software?


KOT is an abbreviation for Kitchen order tickets. The customer-facing team receives the orders and enters the order and customer requirements and suggestions which are received by the kitchen team in the form of tickets. When they prepare the order, they mark it on the same software which notifies the customer-facing team and then delivers the order to the customers.


Billing software helps in menu and pricing sections and appropriate and efficient billing and eases the work of managers and owners.


Benefits Of A Restaurant Pos Software

Restaurants and businesses progress and grow when things are managed efficiently. The system runs smoothly and requires minimum effort and thus helping the owner to think of an expansion with an advanced POS system specially designed for the restaurants.


Advanced Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is very essential for a restaurant to satisfy its customers with fresh food. Advanced inventory management helps in keeping the track of menu ingredients and ordering it before it ends.


Table Management

The restaurant billing software integrated with table and floor management helps the restaurants to robust their operations and manage efficiently. It allows the customers to reserve the waiting table and save time with the help of an integrated management system.


Restaurant management will know the reserved tables. Their customers will not have to wait for the table as they will already have a reserved one. This will save time and effort. The restaurant staff will not have to check every time instead they will have a system. 


Table management can provide the customers with the menu and easy ordering with the help of kitchen order ticketing (KOT) and the kitchen staff can fulfill the customers’ requests accordingly. 


Shift Management Of Staff

This helps the restaurants with different shifts for different employees to manage their time schedules efficiently. The automation of processes saves time and also increases productivity.


Process Different Payment Methods

The advantage of using billing software is that you won’t have to manually add payment methods. Some customers pay via cash and others pay via credit or debit cards. In any case, the billing software provides a solution to automate it and save time for the restaurant management and customers as well.


It will store customers’ information on the database which will help in knowing the customers’ needs and demands and method of payment. It will further improve the process.


Integration Of Online Orders

Restaurant billing software helps the restaurant management with the online order receiving and generating its bills efficiently with the proper integration thus easing the process. The POS will receive orders directly from the online food ordering platforms and the restaurant owners or managers can manage the menu, prices, and other options as well.


The restaurant will receive the customer data, ordered food, and address which will be updated in the CRM to ease the process for the customers when they order online next time.


Automate Accounting Reports

Restaurant owners know how hard it is to manage all the finances on spreadsheets manually. CIS ePOS system will help the restaurant to generate an automated report through the POS system and this will mitigate the risk of errors and save time.


Receive Software Updates

Modern problems require constant updates and integrations. So, when a restaurant implements the POS system they receive constant updates for the lifetime of their subscriptions. This helps the restaurants with an up-to-date version that fulfills their complete needs and requirements.


Run the System Efficiently

While the aforementioned benefits are the main ones of POS and restaurant billing software and these all benefits are associated with efficiency. When the ability and effectiveness of the restaurant are increased, it helps in maximizing ROI and also results in happy customers.


A POS software helps manage all the little details in one software i.e. restaurant management can handle the billing software system, inventory, table, and floor management and helps run the restaurant or business as smoothly as it can.



Providing all the management tools under one umbrella, CIS ePOS helps businesses to grow efficiently by paying the minimum amount of rate for the software subscriptions. 


While many Points of Sales software are outdated, CIS ePOS brings its users the most updated version of POS to manage their restaurants and hospitality businesses smoothly.


Cloud Restaurant billing software with many features to help you run the system efficiently. Moreover, it provides an online database that helps in operating and analyzing business from any place you want.


These are just some of the main features of CIS Restaurant POS. If you want to try the POS on your own, register now for a Free POS demo.


Alternatively, contact our POS consultants for personal advice.



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