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Tested & Tried Ideas to Keep Customers Coming Back into Your Retail Store

26 Dec
Keep Customers Coming Back

Tested & Tried Ideas to Keep Customers Coming Back into Your Retail Store

Days are gone when customers used to visit stores, pick the items they wanted off the shelf, and pay for it, but now the whole shopping regime has been changed. However, thanks to the social media and internet, those days are long gone, and they don’t seem to be coming back. Now, operating a successful retail store in today’s age requires blending of both, the old ways and new technologies, to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to the customers so they can stay loyal towards your business.

We know it’s a daunting task to keep customers coming back, but once you’ve got them through your doors successfully, make sure to turn them into loyal ones. And to do so, you need to think out of the box while maintaining great repo with your customers.

To help you greatly in this regard, we have created a list of few dos that will make you earn new loyal customers while keeping the old ones even happier.

Make Customers feel like a rockstar

Good impressions count for everything, right??? Well, in the retail industry the scenario is quite the same, when a customer walks into your store whether it’s a new visitor or a loyal one, make them feel welcome. And, here, we don’t just mean to greet them with a smile. But what we actually mean is, make them feel like a rockstar by giving them top-notch services!

The fact is, great customer service doesn’t cost a thing but can greatly benefit your business in the long run.

Indeed, training your employees to give compliments to every single customer can make you win buyers for life. But make sure that the compliments should not be too cheesy, otherwise customers will get irritated. This kind of attention to detail surely encourages people to visit again.

Just remember, whenever consumers receive good customer service it leaves a lasting impression on them, and even though they may not buy something that time, they are more likely to come back later to get something from your store.

Reward your customers’ loyalty

Designing a smart loyalty points program for your customers is the perfect way to incentivize them to visit your store on regular basis. The idea of loyalty program works best because every time when your customers make a purchase, they’ll build up points. These loyalty points can be used as a discount once your loyal consumers reach a certain amount of points.

A seamless multi-channel buying experience

Nowadays, everybody has a personal computer or Smartphone through which they can learn about your products, compare prices with other retailers, and get warnings or recommendations about your customer service before getting into in your store.

We talk a lot about omnichannel marketing, and this surely applies here too. Whether your buyer is shopping from your physical store, visiting your website, or looking at your social pages, just make sure that you’re providing the same shopping experience across all platforms. This will not only help you to define your brand in a most perfect way, but it will also help the customer to understand what they can expect while shopping with you.

Moreover, when a customer visits your store, encourage them to sign up for email marketing to get discounts, offers, and promotions on time. Make sure that your email marketing campaigns are perfectly aligned with the authentic discount offers that your customers can find in the store. The availability of products can be perfectly maintained with inventory management tricks.

Providing a seamless buying experience to your buyers starts with the understanding information your customers are looking for, and then making it easy to access across all channels.

Create Your Own Holiday 

Most retailers only celebrate the holidays like Eid, Christmas, and others. But, people love to celebrate no matter what the days are. So why to wait for the big holidays? Create your own holiday sales party to entertain customers with some amazing discounts on a variety of products. Consider fun things at your store, it can be anything a play area for kids, interesting games for adults, and much more to boost sales at your retail store. And don’t forget to market these holiday events at its best.

Knowledgeable store associates

Today’s consumers first do complete research online about the products they want to buy. Tho, in the store they often need the help of salesmen to understand the features, functionalities, and differences in brands, especially when they are buying a technology product. Thus, keeping your sales team well-informed with products knowledge is the key to win customers’ trust.

Smart retailers play safe by equipping their sales teams with tablets, digital displays, and other tools to help them instantly access the information needed to answer customers’ queries. And believe, the store that keeps its sales team up-to-date with information about their products can surely get customers and their loyalty.

Hassle-free returns

After price tag, convenience is inevitably the second most prominent shopping criterion for buyers. Make sure that your returns policy is quick and easy and works in both ways that are in-store and online returns. Do give your employees plenty of training in both areas. Remember not to put an untrained associate at the returns counter.

Consulting, not selling

Usually, customers spend weeks researching a product before even making mind to buy or not to buy a specific product, especially when purchasing high-ticket items or complex technology products. Thus, only Focusing on completing the transaction can drive away purchasers who aren’t ready to spend hard earned money but haven’t said “no.” These are the customers; you need to consult smartly by providing them detailed and authentic information. To attain great profits, it’s always better to focus on providing the information (both in-store and online) customers need to make the right purchasing decision instead of pushing to make the sale.

In-store pickup for online orders

To save time retail shoppers prefer placing order online and to avoid extra charges, which are shipping charges, they don’t mind visiting the store to pick up their purchases. This in-store pickup thing will not only keep customers’ pocket at ease, but they will be more likely to purchase another product when coming to your store. In this way, you will have the chance to upsell any of the products that can complement the item they have already purchased.

In this era of tech and advancement, shoppers do expect to have this option and they also expect you to get it right every time. And to handle this process you need to have seamless integration between your inventory management, e-commerce, and point-of-sale systems. Customers hate a website that states “item in stock” to attract buyers to come into the store, but in actual, the product is out of stock. So, be real about the information you are passing on to your valuable customers.

Generate a Buzz 

Whenever anything noticeable happens within your business, do send a press release to the media. And also send a marketing or promotional email to your customers to keep them aware of your accomplishments; this will also make you earn more trust of your buyers.

The idea of the press release is mainly to grab any free coverage possible. Also, get involved with community events to have better coverage of the event by bloggers. Businesses can also use a unique promotional event to generate a buzz about their products and services.

Advertise More

It’s tricky, just when you may think it’s time to cut back the marketing amount that is probably the time to be spending more on advertising. It is wise always smart and wise idea to increase marketing efforts when the sales period is slower because there will be less competition and more consumer seeking some spend-worthy discounts.

We know that digital marketing is it thing, but never consider printing ads less impactful as they have their own customers that can be yours too. Do market your discounts and offers in newspaper ads, magazines, specialty publications and other forms of print marketing.

For example, if you have a shoe store, be smart while designing the ad, your newspaper or magazine ad headline can be “Feet Hurt? We can help.” This marketing will not be direct and won’t sound as you are willing to sell your stuff, it will be more likely that you care for people and trying best to help them out.

Have a personality on social

Again, this goes back to marketing online. An impactful personality on social media can really help to drive people back to your store. Especially having a local business page on Facebook is an essential part of your business nowadays.

You can use your social media pages to run contests, market events, capture moments where people won something at your store, give away coupons, or tell customers about the latest deals and discounts. This is how you can always stay on their radar and they’ll be more inclined to come and shop with you.


The secret of keeping people coming back to your store is to make people look forward to shopping with you. It’s all about building a friendly relation with customers and a worthwhile place for them to come and shop!

We understand that in today’s competitive market, customer loyalty can be hard to come by. Thus, you need to go an extra mile in order to keep customers entertained and happy. Focus on offering competitively priced products, hiring great employees, and keep perfect track of what consumers want. This is how; your business will reap the rewards.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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