Things to Keep in mind while Purchasing a POS System For Restaurant
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Things to Keep in mind while Purchasing a POS System For Restaurant

07 Oct
Things to Keep in mind For Restaurant 2

Things to Keep in mind while Purchasing a POS System For Restaurant

The point of sale systems (POS) is an integral part of many businesses & start-ups. It can sometimes pace your work, and by using a good hardware-software based system in the following field is a guaranteed success for the individuals.

In the past decade many new start-ups and new kind of businesses have emerged out in the market, and these things have paved the ways for the need of such POS counter-style application-based services, in these start-ups the fast-food chains, one stop-by/take away services and restaurants have the most numbers, or we can say that the increasing population has given these brands a simultaneous rise in the local market, the local franchise/branching system has profited some top brands greatly which includes Burger King, Popeye chicken , KFC, McDonald’s etc. . in their rise the Point of Sales System (POS) has a significant importance although customer services and the ice-breakers always play a vital role the science of customer satisfaction always favor’s the execution of services which lies in the way of payment and flexibility that lies in the payments method.

In our previous blog, we thoroughly covered an interesting topic which how pos can help you in providing better customer experience and also what common mistakes usually made by user while purchasing pos. POS system is not only limited to keeping accounts in order, but it’s a tool where mostly the dynamics of the business are covered.

 Point of Sale (POS) Systems in Restaurants:

Why is it so important that we should have a balanced and backed up POS system, especially in a restaurant? The reason is because food alleys and restaurants are one of the most frequently visited places moreover most of them offer 24/7 services which do require a good running and active payment systems so there may be no ambiguity what so ever although technology can never be trusted or there malfunctioning can never be predicted still a good hardware-software backed POS system is the requirement for any business. Here are some insights into the things one should take care of while purchasing a POS system for his restaurant services:

Set up Cost Compatibility:

One of the critical aspects of setting up a point of sales (POS) system is the cost/ expense to set it all. For instance, a good hardware-software backed POS system is purchased at a very much affordable price but it should be kept in mind that the purchasing price does not matter much here but the setting up price is, sometimes setting this thing up cost more than even purchasing it so keep that in mind that it may go over so don’t panic and don’t compromise on quality of service. It may be profitable in the long run for sure.

Streamlining Approach:

While making an impactful start to your start-up/restaurant, you should keep this in mind that a fresh start never guarantees perfection, things always take time to get perfect/streamlined in order as you wish. The same is with the newly purchased POS systems for your restaurant, after setting up it will take time to be streamlined with the services you want. For instance, the purchased POS system will take some days to get streamlined with your added features and bank account details. This is the time you should be patient and trust the system you purchased.

Quality of Work & Enhancement:

Once after starting your operations in a restaurant monitor the changes required for the effective growth of your business. The POS system working should also be updated with the type of needs and challenges being faced by you as an owner. Along with the POS, the network management that supports your encashment system should also be monitored and regularized as this could play an essential role in the excellent and effective controlling and management of the POs system being used. Keep monitoring your systems and the added working responsibilities you notice that each& every aspect of your business has to take care of in the near future. Practicallook and optimization are the keys to success in the restaurant business.

Choice Between a Conventional / Cloud-based POS System:

Now this is something very important while acquiring a POS system for your restaurant, you got to make a choice in choosing a Cloud-based POS System or a conventional or locally storing POS system. According to a survey by, amongst the POS users, there are nearly 65% of them using a cloud-based POS system, and there is an added 29% in the middle east/European side start-ups who are considering to switch towards the cloud-based setups. The problem why people are still considering the conventional standalone POs systems is security. The answer to this mighty call is that the data they are putting on cloud is encrypted, i.e. hidden and the responsibility of its encryption is with the vendor or the company providing the service. Having a cloud-based system is somewhat futuristic, and others operating in the same line should consider this thing as well.

Training facility for the facilitator:

While living in this technological age, you would find people who are not tech-savvy. While having a fully optimized, technologically advanced POS system deployed you would really want the person providing the services with it should be credible enough to handle the facility to the most absolute, just to cover him/her up you should train other people as well for the task or we should say while start using an updated POS system arrange a training facility session for the staff you are acquiring for the job, the season must be headed over the company providing you with the service as they would know all the pros and cons of the system deployed.

Easy payment Solutions:

For healthy growth in your business you should be aware of the possible changes in your setups. The same is with the financial system, i.e. POS systems. As the world is changing rapidly, so is the payment solutions, nowadays people frequently use the online payment facility like Google pay, Apple pay, Xoom and others. Your POS system should be credible enough to accept transaction from these channels as well to make a happy-go-lucky solution for the consumers. It is a very effective tool in this fast-moving environment as this could give your business a good hype as well.

Variety in Service Options:

In this fast-moving environment people are not interested in visiting and ordering stuff they used to surf online with best possible delivering facility and order. Being a restaurant owner, you must have a fully backed up POS system which also offers billing and payment solutions online and picking up the orders as well. This can add stars to your business as people recognize your service quality and the recommendations would also rise as a result of your fast-paced customer service.

Inventory Reporting:

While dealing with multiple customers you take care of your stock. As being a facilitator, you should enable your POS system to keep an eye on the stock and inventory as what is top demand and which stock is getting used the most. For instance, you are running a fast-food restaurant, and you are in contact with different vendors for different items you use. The buns/bread rolls, the meat/chicken & the other stationary stuff, are provided to you by different service providers, your POS system should provide you daily reports about the things used today, and when it finds the things being used the most it should give you an alert via email or message. A tracker should be enabled within the POS systems so it may give you an alert of the things getting fewer in the inventory.

Help in Business Support:

With positive aspects of your business, there is a strong possibility of your growth all around the local market. With a good profit earn you can increase your business and can have a franchise based setup, here the basic advancement for the financial system lies with your POS system, it should have capabilities of adjoining the payment services from all the connected franchises so whatever payments, transactions performed there should be sign off from the parent account which is connected to the same POS system being used in the central branch. This type of billing system is known as branched-finance Hierarchy, the same type of hieratical model is being used by top food chains in the US like Burger King, KFC & McDonalds. Deploying such setup is a tall ask in a mid-sized startup, and sometimes it may backfire as well but taking a risk for something big is a sure success in the long run. Deploying such a POS system with a very strong capability of functioning in a top-notch environment will benefit you in the long run so this introduction is not a bad idea while main framing your business or to make a call as a new trendsetter in the market you just have to believe that the business once grabbing attention will grow to leaps and bounds & the POS system deploying these services will be the source of great income and investments in the days to come for sure.


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