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Manage Industrial Lab Operations Productively With E-Lab

An ultimate Elab solution is designed to keep lab operations of sugar industry and other businesses under control and well-informed. Elab is one of the uttermost solutions from a wide-range of CIS products; the solution has the power to securely enhance the performance and competitiveness of sugar mill businesses. Elab is a customized, cost-effective, and robust solution that keeps management informed regarding all the lab operations and help lab workers meet their work needs smartly. All in all, Elab is most efficient and profitable solution for businesses that need to deal with lab operations.
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  • Detect Any Fraud
    With Elab, sugar mills can have most reliable recovery figures. Our solution will update recovery information automatically to the system, which cannot be changed or deleted in any ways and can be seen any time by the management. This impeccable feature and many others make Elab a must-to-have for sugar mills.


  • Complete Grip on Business Processes and Numbers
    Elab deals with the sugar manufacturing processes that include raw material, production, and etc. The solution covers the necessary calculations and procedures that are involved in producing sugar, various reports on sugar production, and factory performances.


  • Lab Operations Can be Automated
    While doing sugar lab operations, juice flow can be read automatically and it also gets saved. All Sugar bags counting will be done automatically and all recovery figures will remain automated thus no one can change them. On the dashboard, you can have clear figures for mixed juice, Molasses, yard balance, and others, these all numbers can be saved automatically.

Salient Features

  • Juice flow can be read and saved
  • Counting of sugar bags
  • Recovery figures can be automatically saved
  • Clear figures of molasses, mixed juice, and etc.
  • Manages sugar manufacturing processes
  • Covers necessary calculations and operations
  • A secure and save system
  • Timely reports and statements
  • Shift timing and production management

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