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Your eyes to energize the workforce!

Do you face problem is keeping an eye on the different departments of your team? With CIS E-Workforce this issue is resolved with technology. Our mobile application allows you to easily monitor your company on the go both in regards to your team and your finances.
  • With your company transparent and automated
    With E-Workforce there is no need to have manual entries in regards to progress of your teams, assets or financing. Integrated with other solutions of CIS, all the updates are providing on the go through our mobile application while completely getting rid of paperwork. Also, with E-Workforce, you will get the most accurate update of your company allowing you to make your business as efficient as possible.

  • Track your teams on the go
    On E-workforce, each of your department from sales to marketing and from security to inspection team can be tracked on the basis of their reports. You will have a complete idea on the progress and efficiency of each of your team that can help you provide better service to your customers.

  • Keep an eye on your assets
    In traditional method, you can not always stay in touch with the financials except for contacting your account team. With E-Workforce your finances and all assets can be viewed on the basis of a single click. Moreover, you can also track your orders, the attendance of your staff and other valuable items on the go.

Salient Features

  • Vehicle Tracking,
  • Salesman Tracking,
  • Security man Tracking,
  • Marketing Team Tracking
  • Delivery Team Tracking
  • Vigilance Team Tracking
  • Inspection Team Tracking
  • Valuables Items Tracking
  • Cash
  • Attendance Recording
  • Examination And Test Monitoring
  • Order Receiving
  • Funds Monitoring
  • Transaction Recording and authorization
  • Clients Service
  • Patient History
  • Surveys

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