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ScrapTech - Web Based Scrap Software

ScrapTech is web based Scrap and Recycling software designed for scrap metal dealers, merchants, scrap yards and car wreckers which can be integrated easily with cost effective hardware and software programs. The software runs smoothly on most popular platforms including Windows, Android, Apple IPHONE and IPAD.

Modules of Scrap Software:


This module contains the information to configure the initial parameters of the system. Once item category, item master, supplier, customer and other parameters are defined, we are ready to use the system.

  • Item category
  • Item master
  • Cost center
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Driver
  • Bank
  • Bank accounts
  • Tax type
  • User information
  • Create role
  • Assign menu to roles


Accounting is an integral part of business success. With real time financial data you can manage your payable and receivables, up-to-date account balances, tax liabilities at your fingertips, be on top of your company’s financial position.

  • Chart of account
  • Voucher
  • Accounts payable
    1. Purchase invoice
    2. Payment
  • Accounts receivable
    1. Sales invoice
    2. Receipt


Efficiently manage your purchases of ferrous and non-ferrous through direct integration with weight scale showing real time weight to vendors and capture vehicle photos on gross and tare. This will help in good vendor relationship and better supply chain management. All this in a user friendly touch interface.

  • Ferrous
  • Non-Ferrous
  • Maintain metal rate history
  • Maintain supplier price list
  • Cash drawer integration


Till management helps owners and managers to keep track of cash transactions that is going in and coming out of your cash drawer. Verify cash and protect your store from counterfeits.

  • Opening cash
  • Petty cash
  • Top up
  • Hand over


Keep track of your scrap bins, get alerts on overdue bins, manage bins inventory and have complete information of each bin.

  • Bin master
  • Bin issuance
  • Bin receiving
  • View bins


Equipment Management is one of the key elements of an integrated ERP system. Proper management of equipment lowers repair cost, increases equipment life and reduces interruption of services due to failures and breakdowns.

  • Equipment category
  • Equipment master
  • Equipment service
  • Prestart entry


Manage complete end of life vehicle management from vehicle acquisitions to vehicle crushing. Record each vehicle complete details on purchase and track through stock number. Automate your auction purchasing by directly fetching salvage vehicle from the auction websites. Moreover drivers can seamlessly input vehicle details while on the field through tablet or phone. Now easily remove parts using dismantling function and identify each part using QR code. Once the dismantling is done analyze each vehicle gross profit in scrap in real time.

  • Cash management
    1. Opening cash
    2. Top up
  • Handover
  • Vehicle booking
  • SMS sending on vehicle booking
  • Assign driver
  • SMS sending to driver on assigning
  • View daybook
  • Vehicle purchase by driver
  • Vehicle direct purchase
  • Dismantling
  • Crushing
  • Shipping
  • Analyzing tool
  • Container registration
  • Auction
  • Triage process
  • Define manager mobile number for new vehicle booking.
  • Vehicle yard management
  • Setup vehicle bible
    1. Select make, model and year
    2. Define minimum and maximum purchase price
  • Define kerb weight and engine weight
  • Setup vehicle make, model and year
  • Setup vehicle parts bible
  • Vehicle parts pricing
  • Vehicle parts sale
  • Yard management
  • Vehicle / Parts Transfer out
  • Vehicle / Parts Transfer in


  • Account list summary
  • Balance sheet report
  • Profit & Loss report
  • Purchase register detail
  • Supplier payment history
  • Tax report
  • Accounts ledger
  • Voucher printing
  • Stock ledger
  • Equipment service report
  • Prestart report
  • Daybook report

Salient Features:

  • Browser based software.
  • Manage multiple scrap yards.
  • User friendly interface
  • Web, mobile and tablet responsive application.
  • User management.
  • Manage multiple roles.
  • Assign add, edit, find & del function for each role.
  • Assign one role to multiple users.
  • QR Code printing on parts for easy identification.
  • IP Camera integration
  • Weight scale integration
  • Token receipt printing
  • Driver mobile receipt printing
  • SMS api integration
  • Email invoice from system to seller.
  • Calculate gross profit for each vehicle instantly.
  • Auction sites integration.
  • Calendar view of drivers assignment.
  • Touch based point of purchase interface.
  • Supplier and Customer management
  • Calculate gross profit of each vehicle.

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