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Keep a track Of your Trucks through ELP!

Electronic Loading Point (ELP) also known as the Trolly Tracking System is created keeping in mind the problem faced by Sugarcane industry. Growers and transporters used to falsify the distance they travelled in actual in order to get better compensation and subsidy. ELP aims to solve this problem by digitalizing the whole process making it all error free.
  • No more traditional entriesWith ELP the whole process of keeping track on the journey of sugar canes till your factory will be completely mobile based. Thus there will be no risk of fake entries or forged stamps in order to get more subsidy. ELP ensures a secure way of making sure a truck has actually come from a specific loading point using GPS tracking and our state of the art application.
  • Complete tracking of your trucksFrom start of the journey till your factory, the whole journey is well documented through photographs of the carrier, the driver and all the other required information. All these images are uploaded on the web server right away with date, time and location while the images are counter verified when the sugar cane truck arrives at your sugar factory.
  • In Depth MIS ReportingELP provides a web based dashboard where you can get in depth reports, various comparison and complete log reports. You can check which truck loads are still not verified, pending registrations and arrivals, as well as Loading Point (LP) wise summary reports. You can have a complete audit of your transportation department through a single dashboard.

Salient Features:

  • Completely secure app and web
  • MIS Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Departure date and time
  • GPS coordinates from image location
  • Complete vehicle details
  • Time match to average
  • Log reports
  • LP summary reports
  • Total loads
  • Journey time
  • Map integration
  • Images uploading to server

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Why They Choose Us

JDW Group is using CIS ERP software, a specialized solution for sugar industry since 1992. Our decision to select CIS as our Software Solution partner, now turned into relationship, is never regretted. CIS is serving us with best of the best services. We are using more than 10 solutions of CIS which include cane accounting, cane procurement, cane indenting and etc.

Most important part that CIS always keeps us satisfied with their customer support and services. CIS team always available for instant support, be it online or its on-site, and it is always immediate, especially, during the season.

We are using multiple products and services of CIS, including the flagship CIS POS. It is a complete solution for all our POS, Sales, Inventory and Accounting requirements.

The CIS management and team are highly cooperative and have the high level of experience & skill set to address our rapidly changing requirements which enable us to upgrade our product with the growth of Liberty Books.


Being a Super Market we always have challenges to meet the competition of market. Therefore, only a flexible Automation solution with backup support provide rapid updates as per our requirements. Using their product CIS RETAIL, we can comfortably claim that we made the right decision.