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CIS Humans is a human resource management (HRM) solution that can cater the needs of small to mid size level businesses. It offers a fully integrated and centralized HR system that promotes connectivity, communication and control throughout an organization. CIS Humans is available with our core ERP: CIS Ultimate as well as can be obtained separately.
While working closely with HR departments of businesses, we ensured that CIS Humans is created by humans for humans and covers all the day to day needs of organizations.

In Depth JD & employee profile

From the need to have a new person on board to the hiring him, everything can be well recorded to ensure transparency in the hiring process. With over hundred fields of information, you can get the most comprehensive information about your team which ensures that you are well connected to them and have all the relevant information in case of need.

  • Job posting and information
  • Interviews and hiring process
  • Employee personal/medical information
  • Employee reference/relative details
  • Past experience information

Management of day to day needs

Your employee is asking for a leave? Does he needs a training program for growth? Is it time to transfer the employee to another branch of department? With CIS Humans all these day to day operations can be handled swiftly while ensuring transparency.

  • Overtime, off-days and leaves
  • Integrated with attendance machine
  • Training needs analysis and process
  • Career management and succession plan
  • Performance appraisal program

Comprehensive payrolls & financials

CIS Humans provides one of the most comprehensive payroll accounting solution out there. Each team members dedicated profile has all the financial liabilities jotted down and can be referred anytime.

  • Salary structure and schedule
  • Monthly deductions and allowances
  • Perks and privileges
  • Employee loans and adjustment
  • 3-level positioning (grade, category, designation)
  • Final settlements

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Why They Choose Us

We are using multiple products and services of CIS, including the flagship CIS POS. It is a complete solution for all our POS, Sales, Inventory and Accounting requirements.

The CIS management and team are highly cooperative and have the high level of experience & skill set to address our rapidly changing requirements which enable us to upgrade our product with the growth of Liberty Books.

Being a Super Market we always have challenges to meet the competition of market. Therefore, only a flexible Automation solution with backup support provide rapid updates as per our requirements. Using their product CIS RETAIL, we can comfortably claim that we made the right decision.