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Continue to Grow – Honored to Have New Point of Sales Clients Onboard

By July 15th, 2024No Comments

Pakistan, April 2018—CIS Software House is graciously moving forward while creating advanced business solutions. We feel great pride while unveiling the love and appreciation we are getting from our prestigious clients. Moreover, the list of our clients is getting even bigger with every passing day. It’s the hard work and genius ideas of our teams that make us stand out. Our motto is to serve businesses with variety of software and modules that can play vital role in streamlining their operations and organisational functions for better.

This month, we have got four new clients in our CISPL family. They all are using our complete POS Solution with huge satisfaction and running their businesses in more effective way.

Ali Brothers, has opened their very first branch of an amazing super mart at Alamdar Road in Quetta. Its surely one of the busiest streets of the city. Thus, the super mart needs to stay equipped with perfectly managed inventory and solutions that can keep their mart operations streamlined seamlessly. Ali Brothers has chosen us as a retail software partner, they are using our software to manage their accounts, inventory, sales, and other business processes. The super mart is completely satisfied with the CIS POS solution and hardware we provided them.

Ahmed Store, is another super mart that is located in Quetta and picked us as their retail software partner. The super mart has great variety of products and they had issues while sales transaction and recording their inventory. So, they contacted for a CIS Retail Software and we happily served them with best of the best services. We have joined hands together and it has been great experience to reach out to businesses that are located in Quetta.

A Karachi based book store, Marvi Books, is known for their great collection of articles. Keeping record of how many books have been sold and are still in the store is quite a difficult task, this is when Marvi books understood the need of a smart POS Solution. As CIS has been serving highly-known book stores like liberty and others, so Marvi books quickly picked us without even a second thought. Now they are maintaining their sales operations, inventory management and other business operations using CIS retail software.

In Karachi, we have been inspiringly serving a renowned fresh frozen meat retailer named as MEAT ONE with our impeccable POS retail system. As we have a great idea and experience in dealing with the issues usually faced by frozen meat outlet, we became the top most choice for Go Fresh Meat. They have office in Rawalpindi at sixth road and their very first outlet is located in Islamabad. Our POS Retail Software is letting them manage inventory, sales, recording customers’ data, and other business operations like never before.

About Computer Information Services (Pvt.) Limited

CISPL, a leading name in Point of Sale and ERP world is playing an integral part equipping different industries with efficient software to let them streamline their all business operations like a pro. Both, food and retail industries are not only increasing in size, but their need of keeping business data, sales, merchandise inventory, and other factors also on rise. CISPL works exceedingly well and eagerly to keep track of retail and food business needs in order to serve them with expert solutions that won’t let their business operations survive anymore…